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Adah by Leesha

Adah is a product of love. A love for weaves, prints and dyes. A love for fabric and a love for the people who make it. Adah believes that truly loving a piece of clothing means to utilize every inch of it, to empower those who spent time crafting it and to honour the earth that provided the means for it.


Monica didi

Meet our wonder woman, Monica didi. She doesn't make your clothes but she makes everythinngggg else. A former maid who when saw me working towards zero waste, started sitting with me giving me ideas and then told me she has a stitching machine and knows basic stitching and BAM! Since then she has just been doing wonders! If you own our scrunchies, bows, bowties she is the one behind it

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Birjhu Bhaiya

Birjhu bhaiya can look at any fabric and tell the GSM and quality of the fabric. He can look at a garment and guess how much fabric would be required to make it. We at Adah absolutely love working with Birjhu bhaiya. He is the tailor everyone deserves to get their outfits stitched from but not the one who is easily found

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CHAIIM foundation

Our earrings have been handcrafted at the CHAIIM foundation by survivors of human trafficking. These determined, enthusiastic young ladies took to this work like fish to water, eager to soak in everything I had to teach & I am so excited to have them on my team to create more such wonder in the future. So, with every earring you purchase, you are providing opportunities to these lovely ladies, & helping a small business go to big places

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